Production Program

Production Program

Development / Forms / Series production


Since 2010, when our company became the official development partner of the Volkswagen group, besides the component manufacturing we have also focused on the complex development of products in cooperation with our clients.

What areas of development do we implement?

  • Component construction
  • Simulation and calculation
  • Prototype production
  • 3D measuring
  • Checking and tests

Our equipment

  • 3D coordinate machine
  • Climatic chamber incl. the PV1200 standard
  • Material tearing machine
  • Indexer of meltage flow
  • Photo spectrometer
  • Thermal tests device


MB TOOL s.r.o. has modern tool works, state-of-the-art technology, and a team of experts. Thanks to all that we can deliver forms of top quality processing. Moreover, we put emphasis on meeting the agreed supply dates and offering competitive prices. We know what is important for the form production and we build on that.

We shape your products ...

We work in 3-shift operation and are flexible 7 days a week. Our company provides three to five-axis machining in the field of milling, lathing, EDM eroding, and wiring. We implement optimization and technical changes of the components thanks to, among other things, our own laser welding. Modern age requires dynamic reaction and solution. We know that and follow this trend. 

Product overview

  • prototype and series tools
  • forms of up to 4500 kilograms
  • tools for plastic and rubber, cutting tools
  • testing and measuring jigs
  • assembly jigs

Serial production

Plastic parts / Assembly / Natural leather processing / Serial metalworking

Plastic parts

In our pressing shop, we produce various plastic components from thermoplastic materials on injection machines sized 50-1600 tons with the possibility of injecting the pressing of up to 1500 g. The injection machines are equipped with modern control systems and necessary peripherals to secure reliable and stable process control.


Following the production of forms and molding of the plastic components, there comes the assembly of final units and component sets, which are used in the car interior.

What and how do we assemble?

  • gear levers, handbrakes, glove compartments in the middle console and the ceiling, complete middle console, wheel facing, surroundings of the rear-view mirrors
  • we implement manual and robotic assembly
  • we have available the technology of ultrasound and thermal welding, sticking, tampoprint printing, painting, cutting, and sewing
  • annually, we assemble millions of component sets

Natural leather processing

Besides the assembly of plastic component sets we also specialize in the production of parts that are somehow connected with natural leather. This fine material will always be popular despite all material innovation. We know how to work with leather and provide the client with well processed units in the form of gear levers, handbrakes, or armrests.

Company address

MB TOOL s.r.o.
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Tool works and series production

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