About us

About us

We develop and manufacture products for the automotive industry

Our focus

We have more than 15 years of experience in the car industry. MB TOOL is a reliable partner for the clients in the field of the development and manufacturing of sophisticated interior parts. When sitting in the car, you are in touch with the products of our company at all times.

Constant development, continuous innovation of processes and technologies, experienced implementation team. These are the aims we have been working on for a long time, so that we are able to keep up with the competition but above all with the increasing demands of our clients.

In our company, the concept of quality is regarded as the main key of success – as a way to new projects. Out quality system is firmly and deeply rooted in all processes of our work and we spare no effort to push the quality level even further and implement it in the final product as much as possible.

Company history

  • 2000 - 2002 – business activity of a natural person in the field of supplying injection molds and plastic parts
  • 2002 – founding the legal entity MB TOOL s.r.o., the business activity is gradually replaced by our own production
  • 2004 - 2016 – gradual construction of new production shops, production plants, systematic increasing of the number of employees from 5 to 500 nowadays

Company data

Registered office – Invoice address
MB TOOL s.r.o.
Třebčín 222
CZ-783 42 Lutín

Reg. no.: 26276151
Tax no.: CZ26276151

Founded: 2002
Type: Private Limited Liability Company
Owner: Jiří Marák
Company secretary: Jiří Marák
Capital stock: 1 000 000 Kč
The company is incorporated at the Ostrava regional court, section C, insert 45314.

Company address

MB TOOL s.r.o.
Třebčín 222
CZ-783 42 Lutín

IČ 26276151
DIČ CZ26276151


Plant 1 - Třebčín

Tool works and series production

Třebčín 222
CZ-783 42 Třebčín

Logistics - warehouse

+420 734 855 720

Information, HR

+420 585 496 608


Plant 2 - Prostějov


Olomoucká 116
CZ-796 01 Prostějov

Logistics - warehouse

+420 731 180 144

Information, HR

+420 583 034 544


Plant 3 - Prostějov


Českobratrská 6
CZ-796 02 Prostějov

Information, HR

+420 583 034 544


Plant 4 - Jednov


Jednov 45
CZ-798 45 Jednov

Information, HR

+420 585 496 667


Plant 5 - Průmyslová zóna Prostějov

Lisovna plastů a sklad

Háj 395
798 12 Kralice na Hané

Logistics - warehouse

+420 730 155 983

Information, HR

+420 585 034 544

Information for employees and external stakeholders (suppliers, customers and communities): Send your comments, complaints and suggestions for improvement to this e-mail: mbtool@mbtool.cz

All information about the company can be obtained only by sending an official request to mbtool@mbtool.cz. All information otherwise obtained cannot be considered official.